Updating your wii

06-Nov-2016 14:16

To install channel updates without installing a system update you will need a homebrew application designed to update specific Wii Channels while avoiding a system update.The two I have tried are Wii SCU and Pimp My Wii *, either of which can be used to update channels.

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You need to set two of them, because if one goes down - the other will kick in and work. If you have already configured an internet connection, Press 'X' to display connections.Step 5) Select your default connection Step 6) Select 'Change Settings' Step 7) Find the DNS section and select it. Step 9) Set both of the following to the 'Primary DNS' and 'Secondary DNS'.Step 10) Hit 'Confirm' Step 11) Press 'B' to save Follow this guide by Tgames of GBATemp about blocking auto-updates via a proxy server.All of your Wii Channels are displayed, and it's were we can get to the Wii Disc Channel to play games. 1) System Updates are distributed on certain Wii Game discs.

2) System Updates are provided via the internet, so if your Wii is connected to the internet, you can tell your console to "phone home" for lack of a better term, and the updates are downloaded directly to your console from Nintendo.Your Wii has an operating system, just like your computer does, and this is called your System Menu.

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