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14-May-2016 19:38

Students who prefer an alternative education environment are referred to as non-traditional learners – and there are hundreds of thousands of non-traditional learners around the country.

When it comes to choosing a college, non-traditional students will do themselves a favor if they take the time to explore a wide range of options and find a school that caters to their particular learning preferences.

Source: TV of the ’90s was undeniably dope, especially the black comedies.

There was a little bit of everything available for everyone, no matter your age or status in life, and they definitely showed our people in a more positive light.

A lot of directors and producers don't know how to handle this topic in films and TV, but Debbie Allen took it on like it was nothing.

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But while those types of debates did occur, a nasty pissing contest between Black grads of HBCUs and Black grads of PWIs, where both sides managed to be both insulting towards the other and defensive, also happened.

The show has been on Netflix for a while, but it will unfortunately be taken off today.

4 writers from Fresh U HBCU have reflected on their favorite episode of ADW, how they feel about it being taken down on Netflix, and how the show has helped them with their experience at an HBCU.“My favorite episode of 'A Different World' is the "Ms.

We saw it when Ferguson and Baltimore happened and we used Twitter as both a fulcrum and a conduit for protest and activism. And yesterday, as we witnessed the latest round of “America Aint Built For Black People” Bingo — this time, being played at the University of Missouri — the #Blackon Campus hashtag was born, allowing us to bond and connect over recollections of our experiences on college campuses.

Unfortunately, as day went on and the stories — some humorous; some harrowing — continued to be shared, another sub-conversation emerged, this one pitting Black people who attended HBCUs against Black people who attended PWIs (predominately White institutions).

Instead, there are Multiple Intelligences (a theory proposed by Howard Gardner in 1983).

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