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Once a foreign exchange transaction settles, the holder is left with a positive (or "long") position in one currency and a negative (or "short") position in another.An equity swap is a financial derivative contract (a swap) where a set of future cash flows are agreed to be exchanged between two counterparties at set dates in the future.A foreign exchange swap has two legs - a spot transaction and a forward transaction - that are executed simultaneously for the same quantity, and therefore offset each other.Forward foreign exchange transactions occur if both companies have a currency the other needs.It is also common to trade "forward-forward" where both transactions are for (different) forward dates.The most common use of foreign exchange swaps is for institutions to fund their foreign exchange balances.There will not be any share swap or cash outgo as they are wholly-owned by SBI.In finance, a foreign exchange swap, forex swap, or FX swap is a simultaneous purchase and sale of identical amounts of one currency for another with two different value dates (normally spot to forward) and may utilize foreign exchange derivatives.

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Panelists: Location: Adobe Building Lobby Date: Friday, May 26th Time: 10 am to 2 pm Bryan will take a group of photographers through downtown San Jose and provide photographers of all levels tips and advice.The merger process of the associates banks -- State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur (SBBJ), State Bank of Mysore (SBM), State Bank of Travancore (SBT), State Bank of Patiala (SBP) and State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH) -- will take effect from April 1.New Delhi: State Bank of India on Friday fixed March 17 as the record date of share swap for the merger of its 5 associate banks with itself.An FX swap allows sums of a certain currency to be used to fund charges designated in another currency without acquiring foreign exchange risk.

It permits companies that have funds in different currencies to manage them efficiently.

It prevents negative foreign exchange risk for either party.

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