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24-Feb-2016 15:42

During Monday's meeting, Ayad said he also plans to tell Kelly that DHS actions targeting Arabs and Muslims are also hurting America's security by conveying to ISIS that America is against Muslims."Your implementation of these orders are only going to alienate all the hard work we do in the community and the trust we've been developing," Ayad said.

"We're going to let him know that, you're doing the ...

Fuelled by alcohol, the cadets roamed the picturesque streets looking for victims. The Libyans exposed themselves, grabbed the women, and put their hands up their skirts.

A young guy, who was inebriated after a wedding party, was seized by two of the cadets, Moktar Ali Saad Mahmoud and Ibrahim Abugtila, and raped.

Six social media users have since been sentenced to three to five years for criticizing the judicial process or calling attention to human rights abuses, often regarding their jailed family members.

For instance, Osama al-Najjar was sentenced to three years in September 2014 for alleging that his father was tortured while in prison.

Assiut is very conservative,” said the single Egyptian male, who is studying medicine at the faculty in his hometown south of the capital. “There you can only say good morning to a girl in the street.” The World Wide Web has indeed opened doors for the doctor-to-be, providing him with the opportunity to chat with single women online.

Waleed still goes online regularly in the hope that one day he will eventually meet his future wife.

At least five users are serving seven to ten-year sentences for their online activities as part of the so-called “UAE94” trials targeting 94 alleged members and supporters of the banned political opposition group, al-Islah.All of this was deeply disturbing for the residents of a tranquil university town.I was truly astounded, however, when a Libyan spokesman appeared on our local TV news.Describing the “Arab guys” who attacked him, the victim said, “They were horrendous, they weren’t human.

I was trying my hardest and they were like overpowering me. Don’t say anything to my mum.” Moahmoud and Abugtila were jailed for 12 years apiece; the men who groped the women received shorter terms and will, if the European Convention on Human Rights is willing (don’t hold your breath) be deported at the end of their terms.He has filed other lawsuits challenging federal agencies that deal with border security, saying that Muslims and Arabs are often targeted when crossing borders or arriving at airports.